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This completes our course on Create Your Own Interactive Website. While we have covered a lot of ground in this course, there is still much more to learn. Creating an interactive Joomla website gives us an excellent foundation. But the real benefit of using Joomla as our web platform is that it opens the door to all kinds of exciting course options that we offer at College in the Clouds.


You could choose to build an alternative news organization on top of your Joomla foundation. In the following course, Create Your Own News Website, we will explain how to add several more free Joomla tools to turn your website into an online regional, national or international news organization.


Or you could choose to add a social organizational website over our Joomla foundation. In our next course, we cover how to Create Your Own Community Network. This important book, website and course reviews how to install free Joomla online organizational building tools such as Community Builder for creating a membership interaction network, Kunena Forum for creating a topic based discussion board, AcyMailing for free customized newsletters and ICAgenda for organizing community events.


Our you could choose to turn your website into an Ebook. In our fifth course, we describe how to use free open source tools such as Joomla, LibreOffice and Sigil to create an Ebook and post it onto online retailers such as Amazon Kindle. There is a very close relationship between a website and an Ebook. Both are ways of sharing knowledge in an organized manner. Because Joomla helps you organize your ideas by assigning articles to categories, it is easy to turn these categories into chapters of your book. So as you write pages for your website, you are also creating the foundation for an Ebook. Joomla also helps you turn your book into a website to help promote your book. We show you how to tie these two knowledge sharing tools together.


Or you could choose to build your own video channel – with production anchored on your Joomla website. In our sixth course, Create Your Own Video Channel, we show you how to set up your own video network combining free open source video production tools with a free You Tube Channel.


Or you could choose to create your own online store – complete with inventory control, book keeping and check out tools. In our seventh course, , Create Your Own Online Store, we explain how to use a free Joomla tool called VirtueMart to set up an online store and Akeeba Subscriptions to set up an online club membership system.


Or you could choose to offer your own online courses. In our eighth and final course, Create Your Own Online Course, we show you how to set up your own online educational program using a free open source course creation program called Moodle which can be integrated with our Joomla website. In fact, the 8 to 10 categories on each of our Joomla website are intended to be converted into an 8 to 10 week course. Our goal in sharing knowledge is to combine the power of a Joomla website with an Ebook and a Moodle course for a complete knowledge sharing process!


Or you could choose to create any combination of the above programs. Once you have a Joomla interactive foundational website, the sky is the limit! So please, don't stop now. Check out our other courses and see how, combined with an interactive Joomla website, they can help you achieve your goals, dreams and ambitions!

For more information about all 8 of our courses, visit collegeintheclouds.org.

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David Spring M. Ed.
Director, College in the Clouds